#Bahrain: the kingdom of religious oppression

Sayed Taher Al-Mosawi
– Head of Al-Wefaq Media Center The clerics as well as the politicians played a remarkable role in containing any crisis in Bahrain that could have led to other crisis however , the people of Bahrain succeeded in confirming their demand of a democratic transition despite the sectarian provocations and despite all sectarian incidents perpetrated by the authority the opposition as well as the people of Bahrain succeeded also in maintaining their unity and the continuity of the revolution. Abudul Ghani Abdul Aziz
– Municipal Member Mr.Bassiouni’s report spoke thoroughly about mosques demolishing in clear texts there was a deliberate demolishing and the mosques have to be reconstructed the authority admitted the crime of demolishing some mosques and plead that it will reconstruct them but instead the authority is playing with time and running away from it


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