Eating Korean Vegetarian Food – 3 Course Buddhist Meal in Seoul, Korea

good afternoon and good afternoon guys
greetings from Seoul South Korea we’ve got a couple of cool things to be doing
this afternoon first we’re going to the War Memorial of Korea (전쟁기념관) Museum we’re gonna
learn about the history of the Korean War along with some other exhibits
related to Korean military technology and then we’re going to have korean
buddhist temple food and that’s gonna be quite an experience i think it’s gonna
be mostly vegetarian should be really fun we’ll be hungry by the time we
finished exploring this museum but first let’s go check it out so over here this
is my favorite section of the museum you have vintage cars you have old military
technology that dates back to various wars there’s some USSR equipment for me
the most impressive feature of this exhibit is just how close you can get up
to the different items that they have here on display for instance the old
planes the old tanks especially the old tank is just gigantic i can’t believe
how big it is here are some of the weapons and artillery used during the
korean war so in terms of participants from the US there was one million seven
hundred and eighty nine thousand 36,000 were killed in action and 92 thousand
wounded there’s also mention of the korean
peacekeeping operations that the Republic of Korea is actively
participating in these days so David what do you think of this so far I love
it it’s really cool and besides showing you the uniforms it also tells you you
know how many people participated from each country yeah as he said before
almost 1.8 million from the US and besides that it also shows you you know
the uniforms the shoes some of the weaponry they used over there we have
some huge machine guns we have rocket launchers yeah it’s really cool
what I can say this museum is try thing like we literally have just a couple
more minutes before it closes but I could easily spend like half a day here
yeah I mean this define this nation so guys we’re going to a place called Balwoo Gongyang (발우공양) and in his Korean monastic food and it’s inside here at the fifth
floor so let’s go check it out all right so the appetizer course has arrived here
at the restaurant we’re starting off with three different dishes of various
sizes over on the left it appears we have a rice porridge there may be some
seaweed over here we have something that looks a bit like a kimchi soup and then
we think this could you thought beetroot yeah I’m thinking it’s either a beetroot
or a date kind of like both kind of a rice to a giant cherry yeah it’ll be
interesting because there was no explanation and I just finished doing an
interview so I have no idea what I’m having here so I’m just gonna try a bit
of this hmm that is actually cold I thought it was
gonna be warm porridge it tastes like eating this rice and seaweed
it’s tastings all right moving on let’s try the cabbage soup yeah that’s
definitely given to say a strong kimchi taste let’s try this over them oh wow
that is has a nice soft texture actually it has more of a plum lik consistency
it’s not yeah this is not what we thought it was it’s not be root and it’s
not thought it’s a taste a bit like a lychee that’s very good
so all of these are really interesting I believe visitors appetizer course if
you come Oh cucumber kimchi and me that we have it’s a mungbean
jelly made of wheat starch and finally the spring green salad
soy sauce and vinegar so the next course has survived and I’m gonna start off
with the bean curd porridge and it has a very liquidy consistency try that birth
eve ground sesame turn it a little bit I actually really like this once more
again yeah mom now let’s use the next board I really like that one it’s really
creamy now I’m gonna move on other dishes here so we have pickled cucumber
over here and then we have mung bean jelly with lotus root and a solid with I
think it’s sesame seed dressing leafy greens guy is that really more earthy
than I was expecting very strong flavor a little bit minty –
yeah I’m not my favorite so far I’m liking the porridge the most and last
but not least let’s grab the mung bean jelly like it just jiggles in those
chopsticks Wow has a really soft texture it’s almost flavorless does it really
taste like much so we’re moving on yet another course
that is very exciting so over here both have a suit it has fermented soybeans
smells so much like a strong potency so and then here we have also mushrooms as
well here we’ve got sticky rice wrapped inside and then we have five different
bond chives five different side dishes including two different kinds of kimchi
some greens I’m going to start the overall dish meal was a real experience
many different courses so many different kinds of vegetables some more bland than
others overall limited spices limited salt there’s also no onion or garlic
used so overall the I would describe the meal is is simple but also very elegant
a lot of detail in terms of the presentation and appearance and so yeah
if you’re in Seoul and you’re looking for a unique kind of dining experience
you consider this for sure all right what an afternoon man whoa
it’s been an action-packed day we went to the Korean War Museum which was
fascinating well threadable lots of really interesting exhibits I
mean wish I had a little bit more time to explore there but yeah it was still
very much worth it then we had a fantastic meal in terms of Korean food
it wasn’t the most labor flavorful or you know when you think of Korean food I
think of like intense spices yeah wasn’t spicy at all but so much attention to
detail in the presentation and we are ending off things here in Seoul tomorrow
we’re going to Busan Busan so the adventure continues in Korea we’ll see
you guys there and if you enjoyed the video give it a thumbs up leave us a
comment subscribe to both of our channels David’s been here Samuel and
Audrey we’ll see you soon from Korea you


  1. Finally a vegetarian food review for the vegetarians to enjoy! Thanks for this.. I encourage you to do more! Great video but definitely miss Audrey's presence 🙂

  2. Wow, that museum is breathtaking! So much history. And those lanterns at the end are crazy colorful.

  3. oh my gosh sam your melting and my husband was listening and he said after you said you were going to eat a vegi meal to eat something before you get there well that's my old man!!

  4. Reminds me of a wondrous Asian/Buddhist ex-restaurant in Waterloo (Ontario). Sigh… Such purity in their dishes… Hard to describe.

  5. i think you are one of the happiest person in the world. because you have experienced various foods and culture all over the world.

  6. Wow, even though the Buddhist meal wasn't so flavorful for you guys, it looks pretty amazing! I love vegetarian meals, so this one looks like it's right up my alley. And you guys' trip to the war museum was so interesting. I know exactly what you mean – even when I have hours to explore museums, it's still rarely enough time because I always want to see everything!

  7. Hey Sam, so you talk too much in Audrey's absence! 🙂 🙂 Keep it up boy! Vegetarian food is the best to avoid non-communicable diseases.

  8. Sam…You and David opening up the Koreas….Exellent….I still miss your gorgeouse wife Audrey though….xxx

  9. Wow! It's interesting to see how the Korea prepared vegetarian meals. Don't mean to put you in the spot but Indian vegetarian food is better right??☺

  10. Maybe they were going for "subtle" [not bland]. Too bad you couldn't have tried the mild flavored dishes first to see how you liked them before moving on to the stronger flavored ones. It is kind of hard to appreciate clean tastes when your mouth is still tasting strong flavors from the previous food you just ate.

    Similarly, if you are ever buying a water purifier, you ALWAYS should want to taste the purified water first before comparing it to other water/municipal water which will have the chlorine smell and taste. If you taste the town water first, the after taste will carry over and mix with the clean water so the taste of the purified water won't be nearly as clean tasting as it would if you'd started with it in the first place.

  11. Ha ha.. overheard you on the Yellow Productions video. Now I overhear him on your video. Interesting to see the same event from different people's viewpoints.

  12. Thank you for reviewing vegetarian food 🙂 I’m going to Korea in May next year and hope to survive haha

  13. Sam and David, another awesome video. South Korea is colorful. I am not a vegetarian, but the food looks beautiful. Keep your amazing videos coming! Thank you!!!

  14. WOW ultimate.. Tasty nice wholesome.. excellent body friendly.. I got hungry wow…

    1 week with raw Juice and soup diet due to tooth extraction…

    Check my juices below

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  18. Interesting, honestly, I am not so much into vegetarian food; nonetheless, Korean monastic cuisine looks quite refined!

  19. Please help me. I am vegetarian and I am travelling to Soeul in October. The problem is I can't read and speak Korean…

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