Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (6/10) Movie CLIP – Rock Crusher Fight (1984) HD

Here. Try this.


  1. 1:53–2:08 I don't know what that big guy was saying, but my best translation would be: "My loincloth is stuck in the crusher! Help me! Do something! Anything! Cut me loose! Please! Don't just sit there, Dr. Jones! Help me! Save me! No!!! Aaaaaaaaah!"

  2. I love this movie soo much, especially willie since she has all the exact reactions I'd have if I was forced into some crazy adventure lmao

  3. 1:52 thru 2:12 "Chalash!Chalash!Bachao!Mukti!Bachao!Nahin!Nahin!Bachao!Nahin,bachao!Aaaaaaaagggghhhhhh,a.k.a. My loincloth is stuck,I'm stuck! Help me! Save me! Help me! No! No! Help me! No,help me! Aaaaaaaaggggggghhhhhh!"

  4. Fun Fact: This scene was filmed using a stunt double. Earlier, during the scene where an assassin tried to strangle Indy in his room, when he flipped the assassin over him, his back herniated. Harrison continued filming but eventually had to fly back to America to receive surgery. So while doing that, they used a stunt double to film this fight scene. Then six weeks later, Harrison came back and they filmed the close up shots.

  5. Indian guy was Pat Roach. Lived close to us in Small Heath Birmingham. Was in all 3 Indiana jones movies but had passed away before fourth was made. RIP PAT. Played the parts you were given brilliantly.

  6. 0:18 You know, Zalim Singh aka the Maharajah really isn't making things any easier for Indiana. He really wants Indy to have "back pains".

  7. Omg Indy must’ve been in SO much pain! A knife digging into his back, while a big guy is punching the living daylights outta him 😳😳

  8. I love the fact that, despite this guy trying to kill Indy, he still made an effort to save him from getting crushed.

  9. Did you know that the majority of the fight scene between Indy and the Thugee was done with a stunt double while Harrison Ford was injured during this time. They did the best they could with him from behind and from a distance.

  10. Now that is what I call a adrenaline rush with Harrison Ford and Short Round punching the crud out of their enemies👍👊👊

  11. This part makes me say to myself. That's right short round you teach the female maharaja a lesson. Who likes my comment? Lizzie Flint

  12. This guy wouldn’t have died irl, At the most his toes would’ve got crushed but his body would’ve not be able to go through the machine especially someone his size, If this was real life he wouldn’t have died.

  13. The trick with the two buckets was funny as hell especially with the GIANT rock hitting the turpin guy on the head 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  14. Love this scene, but it bugs the crap out of me how Indy's inches away from death one moment, then several feet away when he gets freed from the voodoo.

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