Kobe Mosque Japan – Kobe Mesjid Jepang

Today, I go to Kobe city. in Kobe, there is Kobe mosque. I will show you the mosque. curious right? Let’s GO! alright guys, we already arrived! the mosque name is Kobe masjid or Kobe muslim masjid do you know if Kobe mosque is the 1st mosque built in Japan? this mosque was build since 1928 until 1935 behind the beauty of the Kobe mosque there were 2 terrible events that occurred. do you still remember, about atomic bomb Hiroshima and Nagasaki? which happened in 1945 that time, not only the city of Hiroshima and the Nagasaki was destroyed. the city of Kobe was not spared from the atomic bomb attack. almost every building surrounding the mosque was completely demolished. but, Kobe mosque standing erect. Kobe mosque only got a slight crack on the outer wall and the glass windows were broken. the outside of the mosque became a bit black due to the effect of the atomic bomb attack. Kobe Mosque robustness was tested again with the most devastating earthquake in 1995. that time earthquake with a power of 7.2sk. this quake victims take as many as 6433 people, most of which is a resident of the city of Kobe. The earthquake caused major damage to Kobe, it also known to be one of the worst earthquakes in Japan. but the Kobe mosque was still standing strong and upright. سبحان الله alright, let’s go inside the mosque *it’s hard to open it use 1 hand.LOL* at the Kobe mosque, provide mukenah (praying clothes) guys.
so don’t worry if you forgot to bring it. that’s all about Kobe mosque.
what do you think? it’s awesome, right? if compare with Mosque in Indonesia, not really big. but in Japan, a bit big for me. if you think this video useful, don’t forget to LIKE, SUBSCRIBE and share to all of your friends. see you in the next video.
BYE by the way, around Kobe mosque there are Halal Restaurant. and also a shop that sell Indonesian snacks. alright, Let’s go! this is one of the HALAL Restaurant the restaurant name is Naan Inn alright, let’s go to other restaurant! this is the 2nd HALAL Restaurant the restaurant name is Ali’s halal kitchen from the 2 of HALAL Restaurant, I choose to eat in Naan Inn restaurant. I order Spicy chicken curry it’s super spicy!! 😀 the crazy things is it get a lot of chicken. and the chicken super soft! I already done ate, guys. now, I will show you the shop that sell Indonesian snacks. here we are!
the shop name is KOBE HALAL FOOD. in this shop sell Indonesian snacks and also the seasoning.
*it also sell other HALAL things from many countries* it’s awesome! if you already watched my previous video about “Piknik di bawah pohon sakura” you must saw “teh botol” right?
*name of the Indonesian tea* I bought in here that’s all for today hopefully this video useful.


  1. masyaallah fokus sama mesjidnya mba. chanelnya ok banyak nambah ilmu. tku mba ditunggu video selanjutnya

  2. Alhamdulillah.. SyukrON ilmunya ya kk Fyka? Mudah²an Allah berikan kesempatan sy & cek Mad bisa berkunjung ke Mesjid Kobe Jepang & menikmati alam ciptaan Allah di sana.

  3. Masha Allah, megahnya mesjid Kobe. Kuasa Allah walaupun terkena Boom atom, masjid ini masih berdiri kokoh. Bahkan 1995 kena gempa 7,2SR pun Masjid masih berdiri tegap., Subhanallah

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