Konark Sun Temple – Hindi

Friends, on our channel, you are once again welcome, In this video, I will tell you about the Konark temple. The Sun Temple of Konark is situated in the entire district of Orissa; this world-renowned temple is on the seashore along the Chandrabhaga River. This temple is 229 feet high The Konark temple has been built in the shape of the chariot of Lord Surya. It has total 24 wheels, and it is pulling seven powerful horses fast. The beautiful imagination of this temple, the composition is equally grand. Konark temple is included in the UNESCO World Heritage Site. This temple was built in the 13th century by King Narasimha Deva of Ganga Dynasty of Orissa. This temple was built in 12 years by 12,000 laborers tireless labor. It is said that for twelve years Lord Krishna had paralyzed son Samba was cured by the Sun God. That is why he built this temple dedicated to Sun God. In the south-eastern corner of the temple complex, there is a temple of Maya Devi, wife of Sun God. There is also a temple of Navgraha (9 Planets). There are no mountains far and wide around this temple, and how to bring stones to build this huge temple, this is a puzzle. It is said that a famous invading Muslim named Kala Pahad destroyed this temple, but some others considered the cause of its destruction as an earthquake. This temple was demolished only in 800 years due to its architectural faults. This building was built against architectural rules Like and share our video, thanks for watching our video.


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