Kuin toisesta maailmasta – taianomainen Koyasan

We are now here at Koyasan! We’re traveling to Koyasan mountain with this cable car This is the second day we’re using this Kansai Thru Pass We bought this to go to Himeji, you can find the video up here And now we’re here at Koyasan Because we’re living in Osaka, these trips were worth around 4000 yen (36 euros) each Because this ticket costs 4000 yen for two days, the second trip is free It’s a great way of traveling in Kansai region Lanttimatkat recommendation! It would be interesting to know why there’s a monument for “yakurto” or these small yoghurt shots here We’re now at the largest cemetery in Japan There are kilometers of paths edged by graves here Shingon Buddhism is very popular here in Japan and that is why many important figures in the Japanese history have wanted to be buried here For example, the grave of Toyotomi Hideyoshi is located close to where I’m standing now If you peek inside these trees you may find cute altars or small monuments there In early 9th century, a monk named Kobo Daishi made this place the center of Shingon Buddhism This place here in 800 meters height was selected because there’s a valley here surrounded by eight peaks which resemble a lotus flower In 835 Kobo Daishi entered nirvana and was named Kukai after his enlightenment It is said that he still lives here in deep meditation Especially on a winter Monday like this, this place is amazing There’s practically no-one here Everywhere we’ve been here in Japan there’s always been a huge amount of people But I really enjoy this place because it’s so peaceful We just visited the mausoleum of Kukai It’s one of the most sacred places in Japan, which is why you can’t film there You can enter there and see around the mausoleum, it’s a beautiful place You can see a lot of lanterns that pilgrims have donated there, for example They say that two of these lanterns have been burning for 1000 years Pretty cool Next to me is this stone, and the story goes that if you place your ear on top of the stone you can here sound from the paradise They’ve however translated it here that you can hear cry from hell, but it should be sound from paradise It was awesome! It’s an amazing place, you should definitely visit here Take the whole day to visit here since the area is huge And wear good shoes because you’ll walk a lot You can get to Koyasan by direct train from Namba (Osaka) It takes about 1,5 – 2 hours to get here The last leg is a cable car which will take you all the way up to 800 meters height And here on the top, you need to take a bus to Okunoinguchi or Okunoinmae and that’s where you’ll find the gorgeous cemetery So that’s where you should head first Now we’re heading back to Namba in Osaka Bye! If you liked our video, remember to hit the “like” button And if you want to see how it’s like here in Taipei, remember to subscribe as well!


  1. Wow, Koyasan looks beautiful! And so peaceful. Such an interesting fact about the surrounding peaks looking like a lotus flower 🙂

  2. Love your video on Koyasan. I am planning to visit the Kansai area in the near future & not sure if the JR pass or the Kansai Thru Pass to obtain. Did you find the Kansai Thru Pass met most of your needs? We are planning to travel mostly around Osaka/Kyoto/Nara.

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