Secrets of Sacred Ring | Short Documentary Pakistan| Interesting customs| Harappa sites & Museum

Brother How are you? God has His blessings Which Shrine is this? Shrine of Baba Noor Shah Wali How old is this shrine? As many as thousands of years What are these monuments inside? These are Rings of the Saint These were of gold, before the thieves tried to stole these, and were turned in stone So these are Saint’s Rings? Yes, off course of Baba Noor Shah Wali Thieves tried to steal and were turned stone? Yes, Turned stone, and later on British Raj built a fence around We have seen similar Rings inside Harappa Museum, What might be that? They have been excavated during the excavation work So they are kept there in the museum They are different & ancient, Don’t you see the design difference? But both are similar in shape, almost identical? May be, they are, it is of ancient times… What kind of people come for vows? People with wedding vows come here, go inside and see lots of wedding turbans So whoever’s wish is fulfilled, he pays tribute!!! Yes, the turbans are collected in such a sizable number that staff need to remove to receive more Do couples also come to vow? yes, yes…, foreigners also visit this shrine Last year, i have seen people coming in number, asking for the 9 yard grave of the Saint. ”The 4 graves we have to visit”, They say, but it is only one grave Some say long grave, some ask for 4 graves, but come to visit frequently Bravo!! and lot of thanks, we want to go inside to see wedding turbans

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