Temple of Chrysalis – What does a Chrysalid worship?

Hello Chrysalids! Today I would like to speak about what Chrysalides actually worship. And are we some kind of a religion. Temple of Chrysalis isn’t actually a pure religion as we don’t have clear god or gods. Our group has many who believe in different gods but they can still be part of Chrysalis. That who we show the respect and what we In some level worship in our rituals is Imago or Chrysalis Actually that is not so simple because what those are is you yourself. Those are your own levels In practice Imago is your own inner God And by worshipping your own God I you of course worship yourself and what would be cooler than You can set for example your own picture to your altar So Imago is your great inner endeavour That is your great inner God which you try to achieve and it is enlightened version of you But we don’t believe that you can know everything and after that there will not be any transformation That is not the point. But there comes the Chrysalis to the picture because we see that there is always transformation Everything what happens in the world is part of something that changes When you breathe, something changes. You get older, things changes. Atoms vibrate, something changes In practice without change there is no time at all. In practice nothing happens at all, unless something changes

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