1. I received 2 gifts of Virgin Mary ! Long ago , and I had a dream with her , she was looking at me , only and like I felt a kind of protection and kindness and I felt good she wanted to warn me about. Something. Since then. I thank her so much. !

  2. Satanists kill babies.  American "christians" killed babies ,too .
    In Iraq, Afghanistan etc etc. . As sacrifices for the elites, the military-industrial complex and for Israel. Why is the latter regarded as virtuous and heroic?

  3. Ooh waaaoo you have a beautiful wonderfully supportive wife,
    I think was a choice from mother Mary too.

    1st day watching ur show and felt blessed already.

    I wish your ministry extend to this part of Africa.

  4. As I am watching this video listening to your testimony I am in tears. I pray my beloved sister who is shattered in the lost faith of these churches who actual are devil worshipers as she believes me as Catholic I am possessed . I thank you as now I am confident that ONE DAY MOTHER MARY WILL ANSWER MY PRAYERS IN THE ROSARIES WHICH I HAVE PRAYED FOR THIS INTENTIONS. Thank God Bless you for coming out.

  5. there’s a lot of priests and pastors who serve God went to hell than those people who veered their life in spiral are called by God. Why?

  6. Beautiful, touching testimony. Made me smile everytime you mentined the Mother of God. May the Lord God alway guide and protect us all along with St. Michael.

  7. I ALMOST couldn't believe my ears as you spoke. To Jesus, through Mary. As a revert to the faith..this is a concept I have had trouble with. Your words just released me from damage done…. THANK YOU!

  8. I agree that curses have no power over Catholics as long as you live a prayerful life and go for confession regularly. God is more powerful than all these minor demons. I remember one story about a Catholic priest or saint, it was in the ancient days, the people dislike him because he always tell them not to do this bad thing or that. One day there was an event in town and he was in the dinner. The people wanted to poison him and gave him a cup of wine laced with poison. All the people knew it was poison, the priest knew it was poison. He said grace before consuming the cup of wine/poison. He lived and converted many people that night. So the next time we are at meal, remember to say your Grace.

  9. In May this year our parish priest gave us the statue of Mother Mary to take our homes at this time I was struggling with so many issues at my work I am a project manager and part of my felt that I was not doing anything they had wrote so many letters to our supporters and Mother Mary just turned things opposite all those letters were sent back to me and our project supporters extended their period and we got another donor supporting our programs I have great faith in the powers of Blessed Virgin Mary and If you believe in her she will always help you in everything you are doing

  10. I try to understand Mary is never mentioned in the bible that much because she was only there to carry Jesus in her womb the bible says you have to go through Jesus Christ to get to the father not Mary!

  11. Wonderful testimony! How blessed you are! Thank you Mother for saving this soul! Blessed Mother, help those whom I am praying for, I have faith you have heard my cry and know who they are, to be freed from the bondage of satan. Bring them to your Divine Son Jesus. Thank you Blessed One!

  12. Why does an all powerful high wizard have to work in a mall jewelry store? This makes no sense. I call BS.

  13. Saint Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle. Be our protection
    against the wickedness and snares of the devil; May God rebuke him, we
    humbly pray; And do thou, O Prince of the Heavenly Host, by the power of
    God, thrust into hell Satan and all evil spirits who wander through the
    world for the ruin of souls.

  14. The mother of Jesus was a Jewess. She would be horrified to find herself the focus of a Catholic cult based on a "miraculous medal", contrary to God's prohibition against "graven" images!

  15. Hmmm…critical thinking in play…..The man “used to” infiltrate churches and break them up…..”former Satanist” who still wears black…..very prideful (always seeking the applause….my spidey senses are active!!!

  16. Jesus Christ is the way the truth and the life no one comes to the Father but by him.there is only one mediator between man and GOD and his name is Jesus Christ. Halleluyah Halleluyah Halleluyah

  17. 9.8.2019
    It's the nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary today.
    God bless you and may Our Lady intercede for you always.

  18. MARY WAS BORN WITHOUT SIN! SO SHE COULD BE THE MOTHER OF GOD WHO IS HOLY AND PURE.  She is the most purest of creature, most humble and obedient to God. She is the 1st apostle of God before all the disciples. Read your Bible and understand it. Learn the Jewish tradition as Jesus, Mary and Joseph were Jews. In the exorcisms when She comes the devils flee and don't like Her, the reason She is the most humble and obedient creature God created. We love and venerate Her. We know Jesus is Our Lord and Saviour and WE HONOUR AND GLORIFY HIM,  Jesus He listens to Mary – like in the wedding of Cana -Her only words in the Bible " Do as He tells you". So we do as He tells us, pray and believe and eat His body and blood in the Holy Eucharist in the Catholic Church as in John 6, for it is HIS HOLY BODY AND BLOOD. TO GOD BE THE GLORY AND HONOR NOW AND FOR ALL ETERNITY.

  19. That’s really wonderful that you turned from Satan to Jesus, but now that the Catholic Church has become corrupted by rampant homosexuality & pedophilia, have you considered non-denominational Bible-based Christianity?

  20. Awesome testimony! Not only did this man become a Christian, he found the true church of Jesus Christ! The Blessed Mother crushes the head of Satan every time.

  21. It was likely the prayers of the 146 innocents he sent to heaven which caught the attention of the Blessed Mother. Now they all wait to rejoice with him unto ages of ages. Only God can turn evil into good.

  22. After having heard this testimony, I found myself struggling with thoughts about how to explain it and that I might have been wrong about Mary. However, being rather afraid of getting it wrong; I wasn't willing to just go with it and say Mary is who Catholics say she is.
    Long story short, after a while struggling with these thoughts an idea came to me. I asked Jesus to grant me that if Mary was who the Catholics say; that I would ask her to help me with something that I have been struggling with for years now and it would be resolved, and if not that nothing would happen so I would not be led astray.
    So then I asked her to help me, and nothing happened.
    It would seem that Mary is not who the Catholics say she is. Food for thought.
    1 Thessalonians 5:21
    Prove all things; hold fast that which is good.

  23. I can relate, the God of Israel has a power level that no one can out match. I realized His power and I came home last year.

    God bless you

  24. I also had my encounter with Jesus and Mary after 30 years of living a gay lifestyle, alcoholic and suicidal. Now I am Catholic again, Jesus is the Way, through Mary, with help from Saints. Thank you God for letting me live and taking me home. This was only by the Grace of God. I did NOT try to make this happen. Loving learning exactly what the Church teaches.

  25. The Holy Mother is Refuge of sinners. We are all sinners.👍

    She loves us, prays for us and intercedes for us to Jesus. 🌹

    She leads us to Jesus, yes. God has chosen Mary to be His very mother on earth.

    Archangel Gabriel to Mother Mary :

    Blessed are you amongst women and blessed is the fruit of your womb, JESUS 💐🙌🌹

    Amen 💯%

  26. Such a powerful conversion! Jesus and His.Blessed mother have shown this man such incredible mercy and saved hi. from the fires of hell. Praise God for his infinite love and incredible mercy!

  27. I'm thankful that he is a changed person for the better but from Satanism to Catholicism unfortunate he didn't find Christianity he definitely is a much better person hopefully he reads the Bible unlike most Catholics

  28. Romans 1:25
    They exchanged the truth of God for a lie, and served created things rather than the ceator , who is blessed for ever. Amen.

  29. Thank GOD may all the honor, all the adoration, all the glory, all the worship, and power go to you and to your name forever and ever amen! Praise be to GOD always for this man has found the light in the one and only true church that Jesus founded in Peter as the first Pope in the Catholic Church!

  30. I have witnessed mother Mary's apparition personally, a supernatural appearance by the "BLESSED VIRGIN MARY" and witnessed by thousands around the world…
    Human beings like us are not given given this privilege.
    We do not worship Mary, we intercede through mary. And she prays for the world. In the apparition she gives us the message to turn away from sins…that is really required in today's world. Pray for us Mary.Amen

  31. What an absolutely amazing testimony, what a joy to hear that a soul has been taken away from Satan and come to Jesus…. a man who came terrifying close to perdition…. But the Holy Virgin, the Blessed Mother of God, stepped in and led him to safety….

  32. God want to save siners . Take it or not . Satanist can be save but not satan. If God did not love sinners all of us long ago will suffer the faith of sodom n gomorah . People by nsture is changeable . People was born to be good .

  33. I have been attacked by a female possessing the jezebel spirit for many years (long story) and have been fighting it off through prayers and faith. My priest at my church had enthusiastically told me that our Blessed Mother must surely be looking out for me! My priest at my church did not know that I recite the Holy Rosary daily and consider our Blessed Mother my patron saint.. No doubt that jezebel would have turned me into chop liver by now had it not been for the protection of the Blessed Virgin Mary!!!

  34. try not to confuse people. the confusion is a bad thing in the world. those criminals practice confusion. its one of their deception methods. learn christianity. it IS the light of the world and the path way to health and success and family. and getting your achievements

  35. I'm not believe of this because Satan is a bad. For what a real reason Mary gave a medals to satanic? I'm sorry but I'm a christian & I want to respect my religion. I'm only want to Frank on you now, I don't like to congratulates! I hope the mother of Jesus forgive this video

  36. A 1st hasatan/satanist whom was Deceived into hasatanism/satanism, and deceived again as a follower of Mirriam/mary Deitiship

  37. This is one of my favorite testimonies, this is the power of Jesus Christ To save the sinners And completely redeemed then into Saints
    Thank you so much Jesus Christ through virgin Mary

  38. Mr. king actually came to my church to tell his story. It was very interesting and reveled a lot about how Satanist work.

  39. Praise be to God. I love this video. It's full of great hope, in a world full of hopelessness. Our lady is our mother she loves me and mine. Thanks for sharing this video

  40. Jesus is the way the truth the life no man comes to the Father except through him.the is no meditator between God and man except Christ Jesus who died for the sins of the people.shed his blood for all ,all have come short of the glory of God all have sin except Jesus Christ.in your bible beloved.

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