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hi everyone and welcome to Faith and
Flour if you’re new here my name is Robin and in today’s video I’m going to
be showing you how I schedule things in just 20 minutes a week to help keep our
family’s schedule our budget our meal planning and even Bible reading on track here we are already a month into 2020
yes January is over February has started and
we all start the new year with the best of intentions starting new habits and
really wanting to be on top of our game and if that hasn’t happened for you yet
I’m here to tell you that it’s not too late it’s really never too late but
February is just as good a time as any to get started and so today I’m going to
show you how I spend about 20 minutes a week usually on Sunday afternoons
planning for the week just to keep on top of our family schedule on top of our
meal planning budget and even making sure that I am getting time each day in
God’s Word ring the Bible and praying so if you’re
interested in those things keep watching the first thing I do on Sunday afternoon
when I start my planning is to look over our calendar that I have in the computer
there I’ll have recorded any appointments that I’ve made and all of
the activities and things that are happening in our family for the week and
so once I get those things recorded I start working on the to-do list and I
have a weekly cleaning video if you guys haven’t seen that make sure you check it
out and I will write down each day the tasks that I plan to do on those days
and that way I have a paper copy of everything in front of me during the
week I can add and adjust things as necessary but before I started using a
paper planner and I was just relying on my phone or the computer I was
forgetting things I would miss appointments things like that so this is
an extra reminder the thing that I need right next to me I can take it along
with me if I need to but because I’m working at my desk for a lot of the day
that information is right in front of me and I’m not likely to forget it I
resisted using a paper planner for years it didn’t think that it suited me but
once I started using one I realized how stress relieving it was for me because I
could record everything and just not worry about it it was there if I needed
to reference it it reminds me of things in the morning so that I know what the
day ahead brings and for me it’s not a matter of you know trying to micromanage
every moment of our lives it’s just a really easy way for me to get everything
recorded that I need to other family members can also reference it and I’m
not trying to juggle all these things in my head and keep track of them all day
long if that makes sense I recently readjusted how I do meal
planning for our family because we’re trying out something new there is a
company called Imperfect Foods and basically they sell food that is
slightly blemished or surplus and would go to waste otherwise so it’s a great
savings and I just really like the concept of it and this video is in no
way sponsored by Imperfect Foods we’re just giving them a try and I thought it
was such a great idea I wanted to share it with you plus it has changed the way
I’m doing meal planning before I get into the meal planning I just want to
address a question that I get a lot on my channel and that is how to eat more
plant-based meals and so as I have explained a couple times before we are
not a hundred percent vegan or plant-based but we do try to do it about
80% of the time so we will have some meat very occasionally we eat eggs and a
little bit of dairy so you’ll see that in some of the recipes on my channel but
for the most part we try to eat as many fruits and vegetables and whole foods as
possible and so this imperfect food concept is really great because I can
focus on purchasing as many really good produce items that I can to incorporate
into our diet during the week another thing that I wanted to talk
about was you do not have to search all the time for you know great recipes that
are complicated or that involve complicated ingredients in order to be
plant-based we find some of our favorite meals are basically all of the things
that we enjoyed before just – the meat so for example this night I’m just
making some baked potatoes some roasted broccoli and a salad and we enjoyed that
thoroughly and it’s very quick and easy I could do this just as fast as I could
pick up any kind of fast food or takeout so this is a great solution for a busy
weeknight another thing that really helps with
meal prep meal planning and also saves money is if I go ahead and cut up some
of the produce especially things like lettuce wash it and spin it dry and then
put it in a storage container to keep in the refrigerator that way during the
week it’s very easy for anybody to make a salad in a hurry we can just grab
those things out make a quick lunch or add it to a dinner and we are getting a
lot of nutrition and we are saving money on prepping our own produce there are
just so many advantages to it and it really only takes a few extra minutes one more piece of advice that I can give
you on eating a more plant-based diet is sort of the idea of crowding out and
I’ve heard this set by others before and I think it’s a great idea what that
means is instead of worrying about trying to remove all of the animal
products from your diet meat dairy those sorts of things
focus on bringing in all of the great whole food plants vegetables fruits
grains nuts all of those things into your diet and as you add more of those
you will crowd out the things that you desire to remove I’m showing you this
Briana’s dressing this is a store-bought dressing that we really love and it
makes getting dinner on the table quicker of course making your own
dressing would be ideal but I think that it’s okay to use a few convenience items
to bring things together and to focus on the bigger picture of adding more fruits
vegetables nuts and grains all of those great plant-based things into your diet and now I’m going to show you how a meal
plan for the week and so what I have changed is since I’m ordering all of our
produce online I make a list of the things that I plan to buy because these
things can vary from week to week depending on availability and instead of
choosing recipes and then looking for those ingredients I start with the
ingredients and so I will make myself a list and then I will start planning our
meals based on those ingredients this is something that you probably already do
and aren’t even aware of it so if you have things in your refrigerator and
pantry and you can come up with recipes for how to use them it’s really the same
concept most of us do that anyway and so it is a great way to make sure that you
are getting produce that’s really fresh and good instead of being restricted to
a recipe that you’re going to have to find the ingredients for once I have a
list of the things that I know I’m going to have on hand plus an idea in my mind
of the staple items that we have in our pantry I can start thinking up recipe or
meal ideas for the week but before I do that I will quickly jot down some ideas
for our breakfasts for the week they don’t change a whole lot so that’s
very easy to do and then lunches are often leftovers from the night before
and so that is very easy as well and then I start writing down my dinner
ideas and usually they are things like I showed you earlier where we are just
making side dishes basically to have together – the meat or I will make a
soup or pasta dish where the particular type of vegetable doesn’t really matter
it can be a bunch of different things and it’s okay if that is changed from
week to week it’s very easy to adjust when you make those types of meals and
then we also have some weekly sort of routines as far as like Friday nights we
always have pizza and so I don’t even have to think about what to make on
Friday night it’s going to be pizza and that makes shopping for the week a
little bit easier as well because I know I want to have the ingredients I need
for pizza in my basket each week we also usually have leftovers for at least one
dinner a week and then if we ever do eat out which is
kind of rare for us I will schedule that in as well before I show you the rest of
my planning I want to give you a quick peek into the planner that I’m using I
have been a fan of Erin Condren paper planners for a long time and I have been
using them myself for years so they recently gifted me this new Petite
Planner Folio and I’m just loving all of the customizable features that it offers
the four Petite Planners that I chose for my Folio are the monthly planner weekly
planner meal planner and budget planner but there are also wellness logs for
tracking diet and fitness gratitude journals self-care journals wedding
planners baby trackers and so many more there is basically a petite planner to
suit everyone and every need these planners are such high-quality and
loaded with so many great features including stickers if you’re into that
and if you guys are in the market for a paper planner please check out my link
in the description box below to Erin Condren to see all that they have to
offer but that said it is not necessary to have a formal paper planner you can
do all of these things that I’m showing in today’s video with just notebook
paper the important thing is to adopt a system that works for you in today’s
video I’m going to give you a very brief overview of how we budget in my mind the
number one most important thing in setting up a budget is tracking every
single expense and so before you even can make a budget you have to know where
your money is going and that is really the only way to do it so I suggest
keeping track of all of your expenses each month every time you buy something
whether it be a pack of gum or a cup of coffee it’s important to make sure every
penny is accounted for assign each item to a category so groceries or household
medical that type of thing and that way at the end of the month you will have an
idea of what you need to spend in each of those categories where you can trim
out things that maybe you don’t need and you will have a much
standing of how to make a budget that actually works for your family what I
like about this Erin Condren budget book is that it gives you that space to write
down and keep track of all of those expenses and on the page before that is
the actual budget with a lot of suggested categories for you to get you
started for many years I use the software quicken to track all of our
expenses so whatever works for you start using it right away after you know where
your money is going and you start setting up a budget you can then do
something else that really helps our family and that is to pull out as much
money from your paycheck and put it away into those savings accounts and areas
that you know are fixed expenses and that are going to need to be paid each
month and that way you aren’t tempted to spend that money you don’t even really
see it and then you budget whatever is left over daily time reading the Bible is first
and foremost I have it at the end of this video but it’s actually the first
priority of my day and I make sure to schedule it in so what I am doing this
year is reading through the Bible chronologically using the Bible Recap is
my reading plan the Bible Recap is a reading plan that you can find in the
YouVersion Bible app on your phone it gives you about 10 or 15 minute sections
of the Bible to read each day so that by the end of the year you will have read
the entire Bible and it’s arranged in a chronological format which just means
the events in the Bible are arranged from beginning to end in chronological
order the YouVersion Bible app and this reading plan is entirely free and you
can use any Bible you like to read there’s also a corresponding podcast
that you can download wherever you like to get your podcast which is also free
and it gives some great commentary that serves as a nice supplement if you would
like I am using this format this year with a group of ladies at my church and
we are all loving it so if you’re looking for a fresh way to be in God’s
Word I highly recommend this you can start it at any time of the year I am
using the blank lined pages of the monthly planner in my petite folio
system to record any notes or thoughts things that jump out at me as I’m
reading through each day and of course you do not need a planner like this you
can use plain notebook paper it works just as well I just like having all of
these areas of my life contained in one place and as I said I’ve been a huge fan
of Erin Condren for years so this is something that motivates me and helps
keep me on track there you have it with the exception of my Bible reading which
I do daily for about 30 or 40 minutes it just takes me about 20 minutes on a
Sunday afternoon to do all of the planning I
need for our schedule meals and budget to keep our family and our week on track
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you can plan out your week to increase productivity and to keep things running
smoothly in your home and family thank you so much for spending time with me
here today I look forward to seeing you in the comments and in the next video
have a great week

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