Why Latinos Are Converting to Islam


  1. Alhumdulillah 🌸🌸 🌸💖 🌼 brother I am also muslim as well I converted when I was 23 or so now I'm 33 and I love it never will I ever return to christianity but anyway yaaay smile 😊

  2. And what are they supposed to eat? At least in Mexico, almost all of the food is either a stew with pork or is cooked with pork fat, the tacos are prepared with pork and I can not imagine a Mexican who does not drink alcohol, even just a little. I have not seen a single Muslim in my whole life, if Mexicans are converting to Islam, they do it's the United States, not in Mexico.

  3. This video is nothing more than Islamic propaganda. Most of what they repeatedly state is false! Their references, characterization, and teachings of islam are grossly misrepresented.

    Muslims are targeting Hispanics just like they have done for years with prisoners. Notice these guys were gang bangers and on the fringes of society. Of course they'll fall for anything.

    Islam is the most violent religion in the world and always has been violent since Mohammed first came up with the religion. In every country that Muslims are a sizable percentage of the population they are violent.

    Just look at the world as it now stands. India has a Muslim problem and Muslims were invaders, that is how islam got there. Spain has, and had problems with Muslims, and Muslims were invaders, that is how islam got there. Turkey was muslim free until Muslims invaded. Africa has Muslims do to invasion. To top it off it was Muslims who first enslaved blacks and sold them to the world.

    My God, this list is endless of Islamic violence, rape, child molestation, invasions, sexual mutilation!

    It is not islamophobic to tell the truth about islam.

    People are free to believe anything they want but please don't lie about what you believe in.

  4. Also…many many Latinos are coming back to Judaism, since 25% of the Latinos have (@ least) one Jewish relative 300 or 500 years ago.

  5. Quran Qur'an and Koran = infiltration then domination of all kafirs lands and souls, Mohammed's EGO called HA-ALL Allah. Paradise is in earth's basement called Sheol and kafirs make great slaves for Muhammad's sex cult named a religion.

  6. Oh shit… I never knew America was built by immigrants 🤭… Fucc outta here with the subliminal mind fucc’n.. weak attempt to bend history anyways!
    FYI: those immigrants had to work as compensation for the land that was given to them that didn’t belong to them, plush jobs that my ppl perfected and would later train them on… We all know the truth!

  7. Why alot of people hate on Muslims?I met a few in Fresno CA and wow we're they really nice also feed us lunch when I did their dry wall on their home

  8. This video is a mirage. Chapter 47, verse 4 of quran clearly states that all those refusing to embrace islam should be beheaded by smiting at their necks repeatedly. How can this be religion of peace? It is an arab doctrine of expansion thru violence if necessary. These ppl dont need islam, they need counseling.

  9. Really sad. Islam always preys on the weak. It is the Stockholm syndrome in large scale. They go from suppression to the most suppressive and discriminating religion at all. It's all because of the hate spread in the liberal media. But personal relation with god as advantage of Islam? Wtf Christian god even became human and walked between us. We call him Father.

  10. Alhumduliah I wish I lived Close by the a large community of latino Muslims . Being a Muslim is the best thing I ever did for my life ♡ Love Allah from Dominican republic

  11. They will not talk about halala 72 hurrs a person who is 56 can married a 5 year old girl.. They hate alcohol but what about married 3 women at a time? What about science and technology non of Muslims country giving any kind of innovations, no womens right kill lesbians

  12. Are you serious. Christians are the ones that are xenophobic? Ask over the world where large numbers of Muslim immigrants move into a county, they don't look to assimilate. They look to close themselves into an area and try to convert the land then the people. Look at British and Sweden. Large parts of cities are Muslim only blocks or districts. They aren't looking to escape the oppression they left. They want the Sunni version they were prevented from imposing by the Shea majority or vice versa. Once they get here they try and impose themselves over the existing culture. No Islamic country on the planet today tolerates an open display of equality by other faiths for long if they think the they can crush it without global condemnation. It's just like Sudan or Saudi Arabia. Susan is propped up by most of the powerful Muslim oil countries and the world looks away. If a Christian country treated women and gays the way Jordan and SA they'd be invaded. Give me a break. If you want to maintain your freedom you better wake up before you do so in modern Sweden.

  13. Lmao i am sure this man had being feed by arabian rich people.. and they are walking around poor people becauseot os easy to change their religion with money.. why dont you talk about bloody history about islam in middle east and what they do to different cultures and genders??

  14. Most women leave islem because I of sura 4. It's speaks of how women are dumber than a man, speaks of how a man, can have many women, how to beat a woman, and it means what it says.

  15. la mayoría de l.as mujeres se van, porque sura 4. habla de mujeres siendo más tonto, dice que los hombres pueden tener esclavas, como vencer a una mujer,significa lo que dice

  16. Bible tells you that God says never to lie. The Quran says it's ok to lie. Not the same God. Allah is the Greatest deciever.

  17. La Biblia te dice que Dios dice que nunca mientas. El Corán dice que está bien mentir. No es el mismo Dios. Allah es el más grande mentiroso.

  18. Just wait til they learn that they can marry a girl as long as she hits puberty.

    I wouldn't say that the catholic are in the right either. They're just pagans with distorted views

  19. Speaking as a Rabbi, I'm conflicted on this story. While I'm happy to see that Islam is branching out to other cultural groups, I must also remind you that Latinos are mostly white and therefore enjoy many things at the expense of other less privileged groups. I feel like Islam would send a much clearer message of diversity and inclusion by welcoming members of the LGBTQIA+ community into their ranks.

  20. This is a damn embarrassment, why would Latinos join a religion that oppresses Latina women.. Latina women should not stand for this perversion of their rights.

  21. They are converting to islam and evangelical christianity because they were never true catholics to beginn with Latino culture does is against the teachings of catholicism of course this is not true for all latino catholics. There very few devout latino catholics.

  22. People who convert from one religion to another have an psychological hidden agenda. It always comes with money and influences. Religions have screwed our past and it may going to happen again, every war has been directly proportional to religion.
    Need to form another religion called as humanism

  23. EX Muslim in here and now Atheist. There are 13 Muslim countries where Atheist or Agnostic are illegal and not accepted in their society. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fc2h7ETrJyo

  24. They want to extinguish the light of Allah with their mouths, but Allah refuses except to perfect His light, although the disbelievers dislike it. Quran(9:32)

  25. Islam WILL make you a better human being. Islam is not what they show you in media. People need to understand Islam. Muslims above all need to know islam, the real Islam..

  26. Why always videos about Islam are associated with a background music from horror movies. Just do a right report intelectually neutral and let people have an own judgement.

    Islam is what gonna save the world you brainwashed people wake up, have some courage and go read, seek the truth because your existence do really have a sense, a decisive meaning for yourself you need to find so as to be a human.

  27. I love america and i like the coutry too. But why are they doing this i heard one american that i met at america say that america is a land that are welcome to everybody and are liberated land.

  28. Don't let the behaviour of some idiots defame an entire community. Religion is a person choice to follow which ever it may be!!!

  29. How lost are the humans… I bet they dont even know why they pray facing the so called "MECCA", I bet they dont even know his Satanic Profet MOHAMAD wasn´t even born in MECCA…. I bet they don´t know that the BEGINING of the ISLAM was in the CITY of PETRA but they pray facing the MECCA hahahaha… how LOST are the human beings…. I BET THEY DONT KNOW JESUS CRIST IS THE ONLY WAY TO HEAVEN!!!….. but they pray facing the MECCA unbelieveble…. HUMILIATE TO THE ONLY GOD!!! and then you will find your answers…

    PD: muhamad bones are in mecca…. JESUS CRIST BONES ARE IN HEAVEN!!!!!! not DEATH like their so called profet…


  30. They are being misled by Satan into thinking God wants this. God said, bring no false gods before me. That means new gods cannot come and change prophecy. I see Satan so close to this place but they don't see it.

  31. It is the BIG TIMES now , is it ?

    He left the small gangster groups
    And jointed the BIGGEST GANGSTER groups
    Of all. ISLAM .

    9/11 in 4 days

    The gangster in Islam hijack 4 airplanes and
    Kill almost 3000 innocent souls on that day

    So what is the justification for this atrocity.?

    " not in the name of my religion " you say ?

    I will simply reply straight , precise , short
    And to the point.

    BULL SHIT !🐂💩

  32. So Muhammad is a new prophet that came after the prophet Jesus? Well, Joseph Smith is also a new prophet that came after the prophet Jesus and Muhammad. It never ends…

    Mexico, Chile, China, Italy, … are better than any Muslim country. Islam doesn’t even address your Native American ancestry, let alone Mesoamerican or Andean ancestry, and ignores your deep roots in the Americas.

    Arabic is a useless language. Spanish is way more useful than Arabic, and you already know English the most useful language in the world. It’s best to learn Mandarin instead of Arabic. Even Hindi is more useful than Arabic.

  33. islam is a lie. Yeshua is the real prophet, loving, healing, forgiving, helping. Mohammed was killing, raping and taking, also fooled lots of people into believing he was a prophet. he wasnt !!!

  34. I slam and Catholicism are both cults based in false doctrine. It's no surprise they are taking each other down.

  35. lol if islam said bomb people that would be a miracle in itself people need to speak with knowledge instead of bullshit

  36. Im an Albanian muslim ( a small countrie in europe betwen italy and greece for all of you never herd about this countrie ) peace and love for all you brothers and sisters and let Mighty God guide you , let be His mercy and bless with you , your family , your friends until the jugdement day , the right way to go to paradise is to say that there is no God but Allah the Great Creator of everything , and prophet Muhammed a.s is His messenger , to read the all famous Quaran , to belive to His angels , to accept all prophets a.s including our beloved Muhammed a.s were just humans but honored with profecy , to believe to the jugdment day , to pray 5 times on a day , to complete ramadan , to help the peoples who are in need , to respect the parents , to love the humanity , to not doing distruction on the earth because everything belongs to God , to be abble to do good dids , and to go once in your life on the mecca to the holy Kabah for haj , to be a muslim means to be a human whom wants the best for his family , friends , country and world , the Mercifull God says , who kill a person is equal like hi has kill all the humanity , who saves a life is equal like hi has save all the humanity , muslim means to say always the truth , to be honest . Islam is not a political party , is a life style for those who want to know and to be conected with Creator , my honored brothers and sisters let the persons who got no argument at least for now to realise what is the true belive to understans that islam is not a conseguens of actual politic and daily analyses of emigration and discrimination , but a free will choisse to understand who we are , never force a person to be a muslim because if he does (believe ) his respect and love for the Allmighty will be not sincered but imposted from somebody else , try to convince the people with true arguments that he can understand and be kind with everyone , who was the reason for the Allmighty Got create us , my blessed and honored brothers and sister we are created all from the Mercifull God to the perfection , we are not become humans by the evolution from the monkeys , just meditate to the all things around you and you will understend the Greatnes of the Allmighty Creator . This is the true islam being thankfull to the Mercifull God for all the things Hi gaves to us , to love the humanity , to do good dids , and to dedicate all our life to Him , because what comes from Allmighty is beter for us , to be peacefull , to be good with orphans , with aged peoples , to give a small piece from what we got to the whoms got nothing , my brother and sister Allmighty God is more Mercifull to the humanity more then a mother for her child , and understandig all these thing we realisse that islam is not what we all read on internet or listening on tv everyday , but islam means to be closser with the Creator , one of the names of God is The Mercifull, and how can we not be thankfull for everythings he gave ? Lets meditate about the sky , earth , sun , moon , stars , sea , mountains , collins , cliffs, rivers , nature , and we will got only one conclusion we will be undesputed believers . Peace and mercy of the Allmighty be with you my brother and sisters ( sorry for my inglish .)

  37. Simplest question in this whole world, even 4 years old child can say answer.

    Who funded terrorist group?
    Who create terrorist group?
    Whose allies have terrorist group?
    Who run puppet government in Afghanistan?
    Who is behind Yemen war?
    Who is behind Syria war?
    Who is behind Iraq war?
    Who is behind ISIS?
    Who supply weapons to terrorists?

    Very long list.

  38. Why USA is afraid of ISIS?
    You created them bro they will never harm you.
    Dogs never harm his owner till owner knows that his pet is dogs, not lion cubs.

  39. After 9-11 attack, Islam become fastest growing religion in USA.
    Everyone knows why?

    Bcz people start to know reason behind and they found that USA was behind.

  40. This is one of the best documentaries! I applaud the facilitator for his diversity of thoughts on the subject and the inquiry into the truth of the subject matter. Awesome job!

  41. Gain knowledge before you join anything religious .Islam is resent 5th century AD .The Catholic Church provided it's doctrine.Islam
    Were the main providers in the eastern slave trade and to this day continue in the practice of slaveray ..

  42. O God Grant protection to our living and to our dead and to those of us who are present and those who are absent, and to our young and to our old folk and to our males and to our females.O God !Whosoever Thou grantest to live among us, cause him to live in Islam (submission) and whosoever of us Thou causest to die, make us die in Eimaan!!!Aameen 🌺🌷🌺🌷🌺🌷🌺🌷🌺🌷🙋😍

  43. isn't it weird that when someone convert to islam there's a sense of rejoice in the air .
    but when someone converted from islam into a different religion then suddenly , his head should be on the block ….
    well I guess that equality in islam

  44. Sad truth, these videos r meant for non-Muslims, but they don't watch at all, rather they don't find these in their page

  45. it is unfortunate that the women's in Islam is not tackled in this video. You could known how Muslim women felt very much protected, provided for by our Mahram-(men). Just like how Mama Mary was protected and provided for by her Mahram… would you say she was oppressed too just because she does not walk down the street almost naked? If nakedness is what you call freedom, then I don't want to be free… with regards to how the true teaching say about the non muslims, the prophet Mohammed (S.A.W) actually taught us to treat the people of the book (Christians) like brothers and should not not harm them… just keep away from the extremist… their belief is totally erroneous.

  46. "Islam and Islamic tradition is more tolerant of races." (6:45)
    Such an unhistorical nonsense! The caliphs usually assembled armies and bodyguards of "disbelieving" slaves who were captured abroad as prisoners of war during annual jihad.
    The regiments were divided into races, not different races were mixed. For the Arab rulers, Caucasians were considered the best soldiers, and the Ottomans liked recruiting Christian Europeans.
    The Islamic culture is the only one that created detailed manuals for shopping at the slave market. Dark-skinned slaves were at the bottom of the scale and were considered right for low work. The Arabic word "abid" is the same term for black and slave.
    The highest prices on the slave market were achieved by fair-skinned blond women, who then disappeared as sex slaves into the harem.

    We are experiencing an anti-Enlightenment movement in America and Europe, in all western countries. It is an increasingly depressing development.

  47. plz don't comments on someone faith or religion , mind own business , every faith is beautiful but every one say their faith more good than other , everyone is free ,spread love 🌷❤

  48. plz don't comments on someone faith or religion , mind own business , every faith is beautiful but every one say their faith more good than other , everyone is free ,spread love 🌷❤

  49. I'm sorry but I am a devout believer in Jesus Christ the father Son and the Holy Ghost that's the only religion I believe it's not even a religion it's a belief faith savior I would never condemn anybody for believing what they want but I have to say Jesus said there is no other but God you will not enter the kingdom of heaven unless you believe he died on the cross for your sins

  50. Poor oppressed and discriminated people finding solace in another religion, if it helps them to cope up all the hate then what is wrong with it anyways. One nut political choice will wreck a social havoc on culture and people. Everyone should have their right to practice whichever religion they want.

  51. Love from France and Iam morroccan 🇫🇷🇲🇦 love for my brother and sister in the world I pray Allah everyone for Inch'Allah go to jannah Inch'Allah wa salam aleykoum

  52. To me this is a 'dug' a lot of the base of islamic beliefs are already deeply rooted in hispanic (espcailly mexican) culture.

    I even have a alternate history where the byzantine empire won the battle of manzikert. Which pushed the Muslims to sail across the atlantic and killed off all the natives who refused to convert to islam. Which most did becuase as i said, a lot of hispanic cultural belies are ingrained in islam.

  53. That white dude from the Catholic church is a bigot who has no idea what the Islamic religion actually is. The dude actually said Islam is against white culture. Why would any Latino wanna be a member of his church.

  54. If y’all Latinos don’t understand Arabic That’s a big disadvantage. Look up brother ex Muslim Ismael videos this guy became fully in Arabic . After learning he left Islam.

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